Clubs & Activities

Clubs & Activities

Clubs play a major role of college life! A club is a group of students organized with a similar interest for a social, literary, or other common purpose. Students have the opportunity and choose to join these groups for: pursuit of individual interests, career networking opportunities, leadership skills development and social networking.

Info Institute of Engineering has a very active student club wherein students are strongly encouraged to pursue club membership to help them enrich their college experience. The various student clubs at IIE that demonstrate the holistic development of the students and enhance the overall diversity are listed below


Red Ribbon Club focuses on creating awareness about HIV and AIDS and conducting blood donation camps for the benefit of the people. The club successfully conducts many Blood Donation Camps at the college premises.


Eco Club plays an important role in creating environmental awareness, builds attitudes and helps to extend the boundaries, encourages creativity and empowers students for constructive action. The club focuses on: Solid waste disposal, Help in civic activities, Help in pollution control, Tree plantation & Herbal / Medicinal Plants, Create awareness of the conservation of the land and wetness.


Quiz club has been formed with the objective to train the students to actively participate in various inter-collegiate and state level competitions. Quiz Club is to update the knowledge of the students in various fields like Academic, General Knowledge, Analytical abilities, Quantitative reasoning, etc., The Quiz Club aims at identifying students talented in quiz and creating opportunities for them to sharpen their quizzing skills. Quiz programs are conducted at regular intervals during each academic year for the betterment of students.


The language that has established its roots deep in the history of languages. Tamil has spread its colorful wings all over the state. The Literary club for tamil aims at exhibiting the aesthetic beauty of this language through lyrical poems, speeches etc.


This club focuses on all kinds of speaking events, debating, extempore speaking, elocution and jamming.


The Photography and Short Film Club of Info aims to promote among its members the art of photography through workshops, lectures, photo competitions and exhibits. It aims to maximize the knowledge about photography to amateur photographers.


This club exists to give the students an artistic outlet and to help enrich and foster an interest for art and personal expression through art. Though the club is for artists, it can be enjoyed by all who appreciate art.


The club provides a platform to students to showcase their talent in music, dance and other fine arts. It encourages managerial capabilities through event management and stage organization.


The club was initiated for developing leadership qualities and building a sense of service in the minds of the students. The Rotaractors of Info Institute of Engineering are pace setters. They visit orphanages and old age homes regularly.